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Easy Eyes


Easy-eyes is used to test eye movement during VFT. Normally, you cannot observe and record movements with the existing Frenzel-glass. However, with Easy-eyes, you can save eye movements of patients in external storage unit (VTR or computer) and observe minute eye movements of patients in detail. With Easy-eyes, tests are more accurate and convenient.


  • Dark field is provided (Goggle which is suitable for Korean facial forms)
  • Camera can be easily moved and focus adjustment is easy (You can adjust all the directions with a adjusting screw)
  • Light goggle and camera
  • Fixation of the eyeball does not occur by providing dark field
  • Simultaneous observation of both eyes and posture of the patient (the detailed test results are provided by the quarterly quartered screen)
  • Can be recorded using video recorders like VTRs: Video image signals can be connected to computers or be utilized as all kinds of data


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